Venues for corporate conferences and events

Conferences and corporate events play the most important role in making a name for an organization. If these events are planned and executed well the name of the organisation and goodwill of the organisation is increased and vice versa. A lot of planning has to be done before these corporate events and conferences can be executed. People put their days and in fact sometimes it takes weeks to plan the same depending upon the size at which the event is to be done.

Organisation in the recent years has been careful in terms of picking the right venue for the right event and there is a valid reason behind it. Venue is the most important par for any corporate event or a conference and it can either make it successful or it can completely destroy the image of the organisation.

Ambience Matters!

People tend to remember their surroundings more than the event that actually takes place hence a venue should be apt for the event to be held and as a matter of fact the venue should complement the event’s or conference’s purpose. Deciding a venue can be a tough task because every hotel claims that their venues will be the best but claims are only verified when they are put to test.

Udaipur- sought after destnation

Udaipur is one of the most beautiful cities of Rajasthan and also it has numerous hotels that have a good infrastructure for corporate events and conferences. Since Udaipur was  a part of Mewar dynasty for a long period of time there are many palaces and forts that have been reconstructed and have been converted into hotels.

Thus these have ample amount of space are one of the best options for such events. These hotels cum palaces not only provide you a good space but also for the right buck they can offer you and your guests’ sheer royalty. This is a major factor because of which many organisations in and around Rajasthan chooses Udaipur as a destination for their events and conferences. Below is a list of some hotels that are excellent for hosting large corporate events and conferences:

  1. HRH hotels: This hotel is famous for being a part of Mewar dynasty as a fort and also most part of the palace is untouched thus it gives a feel of royalty from the moment you see this hotel. The interior of the hotel is decorated in an authentic style and is comprised of large halls which used to serve the kings in early time but now are fully equipped to handle the modern day kings that are the corporate. This might be need a little bit more budget but all the money invested here will be worth it.
  2. The Leela Palace: The hotel has palace in its name and one can expect the treatment and hospitality of this hotel to be one of the best. This hotel has been a venue for many corporate events and has served them successfully. You can invest your money safely over here. The staff here is competent and efficient and also capable of handling big corporate events.  The place is famous for its royal hospitality that their staffs offer to its guests.
  3. The Oberoi Udaivilas: The name speaks for itself over here. The oberois have been in the business of hospitality since decades in India and they have earned quite a reputation for the same. This is a massive hotel and you can expect the utmost professionality here. The guys here take their work seriously and will work wonders to make the events successful. They have experience in the business are the most mature ones in handling big corporate events and conferences. One can blindly trust the name in this case.
  4. Trident Hotel: This may be the youngest hotel on our list but these guys are professional and competent enough. They have abundance of space when it comes to hosting of large corporate events and conferences. They have a good overall ambience and thus they are a good choice for investing the money here. The hospitality of the place is also great and they work with utmost dedication when it comes to performance. They will not disappoint you with your investment.