Religious destinations in and around Udaipur

Udaipur is one of the most famous tourist destinations in India. The place is famous for its massive forts, scenic beauty, lakes and temples. The place has large number of temples and thus attracts people with spiritual interests from all over the world.

People seeking nirvana or people who want to visit some of the best designed temples should definitely have Udaipur on their bucket list. The number of temples can be judged by the fact that, the presence of temples overshadows the cultural aesthetics of Udaipur. Udaipur is majorly known for being the capital city of Mewar.

Major numbers of temples in the city are devoted to Hindu Gods. The presence of temples adds a spirituality to the air of Udaipur and the belief in god by the city dwellers makes temples a vital part of Udaipur. According to government statistics there are somewhere around 131 temples in Udaipur. It is nearly impossible to visit all the temples of Udaipur in one visit hence below is a list of some of the most famous temples of Udaipur:

  1. Jagdish Temple: this is one of the major tourist attractions in Udaipur and was formerly known as temple of Jagganath Rai. The temple was built during the reign of Maharana Jagat Singh who was a big fan of Indo-Aryan Style of Architecture which can be clearly seen in the built of the temple. The temple is huge and combines two storey mandap and a two storey saandhara sanctum. The temple is famous for rich architecture and its sheer size. All the major roads of Udaipur converge at Jagdish Temple.

  2. Ranakpur Temple: it is actually a group of temples situated near Udaipur. These temples are one of the five major Jain pilgrimage destinations around the world. These temples ar also famous worldwide for their exemplary architecture. The temple is an example of Maru-Gujara architecture and is devoted to the first tirthankar  Adinath who is also believed to be the founder of Jain Religion. The temple is designed to have four faces or chakimba and this shows the conquest of tirthankar in all the four directions. The temple is very big in size and offers some of the best craftsmanship of the historical time.

  3. Ambika Mata Temple: the temple is devoted to Goddess Ambika( a form of Durga). The temple is located 50km away from Udaipur and is constructed in a cleft of a rock. The temple has numerous inscriptions. Many times referred to as Khajuraho of Rajasthan the temple dated back to the 10th century. The temple is designed in such a way that it feels it is a humble abode of gods in the clouds. The scriptures towards the roof are excellently detailed and will amaze you of the fact that there were crafted way back in 10th century.

  4. Eklingji Temple: at a negligible distance of 22 kms from Udaipur the temple is one of the most famous temples ever built in Rajasthan. The temple is located in Kailashpuri and is devoted to eklingji a form of lord Shiva. The temple was built during the reign of Mewar Dynasty. The temple hold the most importance as eklingji is considered to be the protector of Udaipur. The temple was constructed in 15th century and it is believed that it was constructed from the ruins of another temple.

  5. Nathdwara Temple: the temple is situated 48 kms to the northeast of Udaipur and the temple was constructed in 17th century. The temple is devoted to Shrinath Ji (Also known as Lord Krishna). The locals have a strong belief in this temple and people from all around the world come to visit this temple. The temple is an excellent example of architectural skills that were possessed by the craftsman of the bygone era.

Udaipur is one of the best cities in Rajasthan to visit some of the best temples in India and also feel more spiritually connected. The scenic beauty, the extravagant forts and numerous temples all complement each other make Udaipur one of the most visited tourism destination of India. The temples here with scenic beauty will make u feel more spiritually awakened and also their exemplary architecture will leave you in awe.