Indian Royalty- Udaipur’s rich historic culture!!

Since the inception of the place, Udaipur has been a place where royalty dwells. From early in there were Rajput royal families living in the city. But the city became famous as Udaipur once it was made the capital of Mewar kingdom by Maharana Udai Singh of Mewar. Udaipur became the capital in 15th century and since then it has seen many royal families rise.

The royalty of Udaipur is such that no one needs to be told that this city was once home to the families of India’s finest warriors the Rajputs. As you roam around the city you can easy understand why the city is still referred to as a royal state of India.

Forts and Palaces of Udaipur-sight worth watching!!!

The forts and palaces that were built at the time of kings still continue to strive and are now been taken care by the ascendants of the respective families. One of the most famous places that depict the perfect picture of Indian Royalty in Udaipur is the Central Fort. The fort is built on the banks of the river and the fact that the fort has remained untouched since the time of its construction really brings a sense of amusement for the place.

After being the capital for the mewar dynasty Udaipur has always been associated with then and till now there are the descendants of Mewar royal families that live in the extravagant and elegant palaces. Current custodian of Mewar dynasty is Sriji Arvind Singh Mewar.

The fact that he calls him a custodian and not a king gives you an insight about the royal humbleness he has. He is the 76th Mewar custodian and has carried forward the custom of royal families living lavish lifestyles but at the same time taking care of the people around. A Graduate from Ajmer and then attaining a hotel management degree from USA, Sriji Arvind Singh Mewar is the chairperson of HRH group of hotels and also is the trustee of Mewar charitable foundation that is dedicated in the service of the deprived and poor. He is also a prideful owner of a huge collection of cars that are antique and the best part is that these cars are open for public display.

However the royal life may seem to you as an all lavish and enjoyable but where money is involved, war follows. In this case the war is between Sriji Arvind Singh Mewar and his elder brother Sriji Mahendra Singh Mewar. Their father Maharana Bhagwat Singh before his demise drafted a will in which he made Arvind Singh ji the main executor of the will and also gave all his property to his younger son and a daughter leaving the elder brother out of the equation and since then there has been a continuous court battle between the two brothers with each claiming the property as their own.

HRH group of hotels continues to serve the audience-symbol of royalty!

Since the demise of Maharana Bhagwat Singh his elder brother took charge as the head of the family but was soon overthrown by the younger brother. In all the major press conferences Sriji Arvind Singh Mewar is referred to as the head of the family but in certain parts of the city Sriji Mahendra Singh Mewar is still accepted as the head of the Mewar Properties.

After his father’s demise the 76th custodian has focussed on restoration of palaces and has converted them to the heritage sights and earning money from the same. He continues to run the famous tourism company Historic Resort Hotels started by his father in 1963.

The company offers tours and travel packages throughout rajasthan and also offers stays in the royal hotels and the families. In his fort the royal tradition still continues and he lives a much disciplined lifestyle. He has his day planned out in advance and adheres to the schedule. Sriji Arvind Singh Mewar has a staff of 1200 plus people that work for him and looks after his hotels and other business. He is one of the most famous royalty that lives in India and also he is the symbol of the great Mewar dynasty that has been in Udaipur now for over 15 centuries. The custodian has 3 children, two daughters and one boy. The name of the son is Prince Lakshyaraj Singh Mewar and he is expected to be the 77th custodian of the Royalty in Udaipur.