Fairs and Festivals- Celebrations in Udaipur

India is one of the most famous places around the worlds which is famous for numerous festivals and fairs that happen all around the country. India is home to a diverse culture and thus the festivals and fairs here are diverse and unique in comparison to other parts of the word.

Pick up an Indian Calendar and you would notice that the year is jam packed with festival dates. Since India is the largest in terms of cultural diversity it is easy to understand that why every other day in India is celebrated. People in India are thankful to gods and this is the reason why we have the most number of festivals.

Here the festivals are celebrated with full colors, joy and happiness. This is one of the reasons why people from outside India find this tradition a bit awkward but nonetheless this is how we Indians roll! Since there are a large number of cities in India, almost every city has a different style of celebrating different festivals throughout the year.

Udaipur is no exception to this tradition and as a matter of fact Udaipur has a royal way of celebrating the festivals due to the fact that it has been the capital of royal family for over 15 centuries. There are numerous festivals that are celebrated in Udaipur on different occasion throughout the year.

Some of the festivals that are celebrated in Udaipur are as follows:

  1. Mewar Festival: It is the special way in which Udaipur welcomes spring. The festival offers a diverse view to the first timers in Udaipur. The festival is celebrated by wearing new and colourful traditional clothes. The festival is mainly dominated by female members of the society and there is a wave of celebration throughout the city. Women dress to depict the persona of Isar and Gangaur. The festival starts from inside the city with women all dressed up in traditional attire carry the images of Isar and Gangaur and in the form of procession is carried out and it ends on the Gangaur Ghat at lake Pichola.
  2. Deepawali: This is a Hindu festival and is celebrated throughout India with great joy and happiness.  The festival is celebrated for the victory of light over darkness,it also marks the return of Lord Rama after defeating Ravana. The festival is celebrated by people decorating their houses with lights and thus the festival is also referred to as festivals of lights. Thought the festival is not specific to Udaipur but the added royalty quotient separates this celebration from the rest of India.
  3. Hariyali Amavaysa: This is a fair and is celebrated on the bank of the famous Fateh Sagar Lake. The lake is famous throughout Udaipur for the scenic beauty it offers to the admirers and this can be confirmed from the fact that many locals visit the place daily just to spend some quiet time with their families. However, the place is completely transformed at the time of this fair. The fair is a two day ordeal with people from all round India gather. Out of the two days one day is completely dedicated to women. This shows the respect the people have towards their women.
  4. Shilpgram Festival: This is probably one of the best festivals of Udaipur and also the most famous one. On iteral sense the meaning of the festival’s name translates into a craftsmen village. This festival is organised every year to depict the diversity in the culture, arts and crafts in Udaipur and places surrounding it. This is heaven for you if you love crafts. From handloom made show pieces to cloth art you can find it all under one roof here. The authenticity of the festival is such that it is actually celebrated in a village 3km outside of Udaipur. This gives the visitors an insight about the lifestyle of the village people. This festival was basically started to promote the decliing crafts business in India and also to preserve a centuries old art and craft technique. This festival has been able to accomplish the same and all over India and the world Udaipur is famous for exporting the crafts that are made by the village people here.Ferris Wheel, Olympic Park