Kids friendly destinations in Udaipur

Udaipur is an amazing place and one of the best tourist destinations in India. It has something for every age group. One thing that appeals the most to every age group is the lavishly built forts.

The palaces and forts of Udaipur always amazes children, everything from its construction to the extravagantly designed interiors have always been a source of amusement for children. Apart from the forts and palaces the city offers a lot more activities in which children can indulge them.

It offers bike safaris, bird watching safaris, elephant safaris, elephant polo etc. these activities are such that they have a sense of uniqueness because some of the activities offered in Udaipur are and exclusive to Udaipur only. There are certain activities which are offered by the royalty residing in Udaipur. Royalty is also something that amuses children a lot. The act that they can see kings out of their books into their real life gives them happiness and joy.

Also the lakes in Udaipur are one of the most enjoyable places in Udaipur because there they can play with water as much as they want and also be safe at the same time. There are numerous activities that get the attention of children. Listed below are a few activities that can be done in Udaipur and are children specific:

  1. Bicycle Safaris: this the best way children can explore t outskirts of Udaipur getting a glimpse of sand dunes and camels walking past them is unique experience for most of children. These safaris can be arranged from your hotel or also you can contact the local tourism dealers. The safaris can be as long as you want and also they are cheap. These safaris offer children a sense of freedom and on the other hand they get to explore Udaipur and its outskirts in the most exhilarating way possible. Also if your child is a bit on the sportier side then also these bike safaris offer bicycle Polo that are an amazing sight to watch for the parents and an unique experience for the children.
  2. Bird watching: who doesn’t like watching birds just being themselves in their natural environment? Udaipur has a vast species of birds that visit the place on a regular basis. The local environment and the beauty with the beautiful species of birds jus make s the safari more interesting a pretty sight to watch. These are generally carried out on the river banks and lakes. Places like Fateh Sagar are the best for watching some of the unique birds in Udaipur. According to the statistics there are more than 500 species of birds in the city. The best time for this activity is winters. During winters numerous amount of species migrate to this marshy land and impart life to the marshes and grasslands of the city.

  3. Camel Safaris: children really like the fact that they are on the ship of the desert and travelling all around the city. Camel safaris by are the most attractive things that appeal to children a lot and they just can’t get over the fun they get out of rides. Also camel is taller than most of the vehicles passing by and thus it give a sense of superiority to children and make them feel like the real Maharajas. These safaris are the best way to learn about the local tribes. Camel safaris are escorted with tents cooks etc and they also plan a night stay in the desert. This is one of the best ways to experience lives in the deserts.
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  4. Boating and water sports: boating is a unique experience on the lakes of Udaipur and probably one of the best places to experience water sports in the country. The best place for boating in Udaipur is Jaisamand Lake. The lake is somewhere around 50kms from the main city but it will b worth your travel time. The lake offers a wide array of boating activities. It has slow paces paddle boats for the peace lovers and it also has fast and exciting motorboats that will set your pulse racing. These boats are available for hire and are one of the best ways to experience the water beauty of Udaipur.
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