Tips to plan and execute an amazing conference

Conferences are one of the best ways to discuss about a pressing agenda. You get to meet people and get a lot of ideas and have healthy discussions on the agenda. A conference by definition is gathering of intellectual minds for discussion of a pressing agenda and tries and finds a solution for the same.

But with the change in times the motive of conference has also changed. Now it has not been limited just to the discussions of an agenda but now people share their research work with each other with the advancement of technologies and try and give their respective views on the agenda.

Conferences are a tough deal and are not everybody’s cup of tea. A conference needs to be planned well before it can be executed properly. If you have been tasked with the organisation of a conference then it is a perfect opportunity for a linear carrier growth. So if a conference is planned well and executed at the same potential then it can put you under direct spotlight and will provide excellent growth opportunity.

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However, mere planning will not get to the execution because you will have to be prepared for the contingencies and failures that may occur at the time of a running conference.  There is a lot to plan in organising a conference and it can take weeks before you are ready with a perfect plan of the conference.  Here is a list of things that you need to plan for the execution of an amazing conference:

  1. Deciding on purpose: talk with your seniors and try and identify what is the actual agenda they want to bring up in a conference. This is probably one of the most important and difficult task of organising a conference. If you get this right your 50% work is done. Make sure you get the right idea of the agenda or at least get as close as you can to the discussion of the agenda. The reason this is difficult because usually in conferences the agenda is usually an out of the line idea. Also you have to be clear with the idea because you will have to communicate the same to the attendees so that they can prepare their ideas on the same.
  2. Guest list: after you have decided the topic you have a task of deciding the list of people that you like to brainstorm on the idea. The guest you invite should be competent enough to discuss on the given topics. However you should be very specific in choosing what people you bring in for the conference. The best way to figure out is that in what direction you want the conference to go? It can either be some speaker addressing the audience or it cans a group of intellectual individuals doing research in the field that will share their findings and interact with each other. Or you can also decide to have discussion between some experts from the industry.
  3. Budgeting: after guest list is decided then according to the budget decide a venue for the conference. Here you will have to be picky because you are going to have guests of high stature and they will expect more so find a place that is close by your organisation or if you can find a central place in the city it will be the best. Make sure it has a powerful AC if the conference is in summers and if it is in winters make sure it has proper ventilation and heating system. Also make sure the seating is comfortable and available according to the size of your guest list. Now you also have to allocate some budget for food so make sure you to look for the complete deal in which you get the venue and food as well. Taste all the food in advance and select the menu accordingly.
  4. Dates: now contact all your guests and decide for a common date on which all your guest will be available and then plan the conference accordingly. Once you have the venue, guest list and the topic for the conference ready then you are ready to take off with the conference. Just prepare a good opening speech and if everything goes as per the plan then you might have that promotion letter waiting for you in the office.
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